About Us

James Company is considered one of the leading companies in trade sector on global level, it was established in the Emirate of Dubai UAE in 2012; by a cadre has long experience in the commercial field that extends all different types including jewelry trade, pure gold, oil, electronics and transport sector.
James Company owns several companies in various sectors including Hiedkr Trading Company for electronics and electrical devices; Asseb Company for land, sea and air transport; Asseb Company for customs clearance; European and Asian Company for oil trading and establishment of roads; Glittering Gold and Precious Metals Company. On this basis, the company s activities are diversified to occupy an appropriate market for its status stretched out on the geographical scope to include not just UAE but also Saudi Arabia as well as Republic of Ughanda, Republic of Ghana, Republic of Niger, Republic of Sudan and the Republic of China.
In James Company we are always keen on to create and to establish ideal strategic relationships that ensure us market shares to our capabilities and our expertise.
Supported by our own abilities to obtain investment revenues we achieve the desired goals of the company.